Gaming models of computer mice are equipped with a set of useful features that determine the advantage in online games. Today I have prepared for you a selection of six models that are most popular among users on AliExpress. I will try to tell you in detail about each presented mouse, so that it would be easier for you to make the right choice and not get lost in the huge flow of information.

Deluxe M700

In the first place of our selection is a computer wired mouse, the body of which is made in the form of a honeycomb. Model weighs 67 g. Compatible with Windows and Mac OS systems. There is a PMW3389 sensor, the sensitivity is adjustable in 5 positions (the maximum value is 16000 dpi). Set up without problems. The drivers are also very easy to install. Backlight in nine modes. Cable flexible, wear-resistant, 1.8 m.


The second line of our selection is occupied by a bright and catchy model, reminiscent of the legendary X7 gaming mouse in design. The model has 10 buttons, and if you click on the main one, the mouse will switch to game mode (the response in this mode corresponds to 12400 dpi, unlike the standard mode, in which this value does not exceed 6200 dpi). The backlight color depends on the current sensitivity level (two modes in total). The device is equipped with Teflon pads located on the sides, which ensures ease of use. The length of the braided cable is 180 cm.

Logitech G102

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The next wired mouse, unlike the previous models in the collection, looks pretty ordinary. The processor is 32-bit, operates at a frequency of up to 1000 Hz, the response is good — up to 1ms. Sensitivity is adjusted using the corresponding button (from 200dpi to 8000dpi). High quality RGB backlighting, due to proprietary Lightsync technology implemented in the device. Installation of special drivers is not required, the mouse has its own memory. Wire length — 2.1 m.

VicTsing T16

In fourth place in the selection is a stylish and attractive wired mouse, offered by the seller in seven colors. The sensitivity level is small — 5500dpi. Supplied with a CD-ROM with the program and a set of drivers. Equipped with a button that is responsible for rapid fire, which will appeal to all gamers without exception. By pressing the button, 3 bullets will fly out at the same time, in my opinion, this is a significant advantage over other models of gaming mice. The device is compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac OS systems, but if you have Apple, then you will not be able to complete the installation of the side buttons. Cable 1.5 m, braid, unfortunately, is missing.

Hongsund HS-A89

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The fifth line of the selection is occupied by a gaming optical mouse, the maximum sensitivity of which corresponds to 3200 dpi. The dimensions are small — 12.7x7x4 cm. The RGB backlight is of high quality, the buttons are programmable in the amount of seven pieces. No special drivers are required, the mouse connects automatically. Braided cable — 1.5 m. The disadvantage of the model is a rather noisy operation when the buttons are pressed, as well as periodic sensor failures.


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The last line of our mini-rating today is occupied by a universal-type mouse model, which has 16 buttons. The purpose is to launch multiplayer role-playing games and work with macros. Sensitivity — 5500 dpi. The illumination of the buttons and the wheel looks very impressive due to the built-in LEDs. There are 4 cursor speed modes, which is a significant plus of the model. Click sounds are almost inaudible. Keep in mind that it may take you some time to get used to the mouse.

This concludes our selection. I hope you have decided on the choice of a gaming mouse model that will meet all your expectations and bring high results in online games. If you want to get more information about the gaming mouse you like, then I recommend that you go to the main page with the product directly on the Chinese site and study the technical specifications in detail.


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