Bone conduction headphones give you the freedom to wear them without blocking out external sounds, so you can stay active and control your surroundings. Using a headset with bone conduction of sound, many sports will be available, as the headphones have good moisture protection and a built-in player. Therefore, in most cases they are independent of smartphones.

If you have not previously experienced the opportunity to try bone conduction headphones, then perhaps in the first minutes this will be an unusual effect, because. they operate differently from conventional audio devices in transmitting sound. Sound waves travel directly to the inner ear, bypassing the ear canals.

I propose to consider a selection of universal headphones with bone conduction, in which it is convenient to swim, play sports and control the environment without interrupting listening to music.

Lenovo X4

Headphones do not have full moisture protection, but only according to the IPX56 standard. Therefore, they are intended for use in active sports. As a result, they will not suffer from light rain or sweat like other representatives. The headphones are equipped with a 150 mAh battery that allows you to listen to music for up to 7 hours without interruption. The power amplifier IC HT2144 QFN16 is responsible for the sound. The weight of the entire structure does not exceed 25 grams.

Aikswe A608A

Fully sealed bone conduction headphones. Ideal for swimming, as there is a 32 GB memory underneath, so there is no complete dependence on a smartphone. The built-in player allows you to select tracks and adjust the volume. The battery capacity of 250 mAh is enough for up to 8 hours of listening to music. Like other representatives of this class, the headset is equipped with Bluetooth for listening from transmitting gadgets.


Bone conduction wireless headset based on CSR8635 chip with Bluetooth V5.0 version. This allows you to listen to music with AAC audio codecs. Inside, 18 mm dynamic drivers are installed, which transmit high-quality sound. Built-in microphone with -42±3dB sensitivity. Despite the moisture protection according to the IPX7 standard, you can take water procedures in them.


Another interesting instance with built-in memory of 8 GB and moisture protection according to the IPX8 standard. This allows you to use bone conduction headphones without restrictions and not be afraid that they will be damaged. The built-in capacious 230 mAh battery will last up to 8 hours of listening to music, and charging with a magnetic mount will take no more than 2 hours.

Lenovo X5

A more advanced and compact version of Lenovo’s mobile headset. The next version received a built-in music player with a memory capacity of 8 GB, in addition, there was support for wireless communication. All this allows you to listen to music up to 8 hours without recharging. Thanks to full IPX8 waterproofing, you can swim in them without fear of breakage.

I hope my selection will help you make the right choice. The headphones really have a high level of protection, they allow you to listen to music even while swimming in the pool, and some models are equipped with built-in players that allow you not to be tied to your smartphone.


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