We make up for lost time. If you did not have time to buy an Android smartphone, then Tmall (in stock in Russia) still has smartphone models that have not yet risen in price. These are budget options from a number of brands, simple Android-based smartphones that can be purchased not only as a spare / second / replacement phone, but also as a smartphone for a schoolchild / student, as well as for the elderly. Despite the simple configuration, smartphones are losing their relevance, allowing you to use modern instant messengers and video conferencing applications, take decent photos, view video and audio content. Payment in rubles, therefore, conversion at an opaque rate is not required. Prices are at the time of writing.

Smartphones Tecno Spark

If you are looking for an inexpensive smartphone, then it makes sense to pay attention to the Tecno Spark budget line. The Tecno Spark 7 smartphone with 2/32 GB memory and Helio A25 processor is now on sale for a modest 9,460 rubles. The Spark 8P model boasts a faster Helio G70 processor and increased memory (4/128 GB) for 14,700 rubles. For both models, support for NFC payments is declared, and 5000 mAh batteries are also installed.


Inexpensive smartphones from the Chinese brand Infinix — Smart 6 (2/32 GB) and Hot 11 Play (4/64 GB) models are in stock in Russia. Both models are based on MediaTek processors, but the Smart 6 has a “only” 5000 mAh battery, while the Hot 11 Play has a 6000 mAh battery. The cost is 12,490 and 14,990 rubles, respectively, but a discount coupon for 800 rubles is available for the second model.

Oppo smartphones

A decent option from the Oppo brand. These are inexpensive smartphones of the A-series budget line, namely: A54 with 4/64 GB memory and based on MTK Helio P35. The smartphone is equipped with a battery with a capacity of 5000 mAh, a fingerprint scanner and fast charging (18 W). Declared protection level IPx4. The price is just over 14 thousand rubles.

Smartphones Samsung Galaxy

Two interesting and inexpensive options from Samsung Galaxy. These are budget models A12 and M12 with 4/64 GB memory and a decent 48 megapixel camera (!). They differ in platform: the A12 model is based on the Mediatek Helio P35, and the M12 model is based on the Exynos 850, which is somewhat faster in terms of performance. Against the background of other Samsung Galaxy models, both options have a very affordable cost — just over 13 thousand rubles.


A couple of «honored» state employees from Realme are models of the «C» series. The Realme C11 model (2/32 GB, 8,990 rubles) is based on the familiar Chinese Mediatek Helio P35 processor, and the more recent Realme C21Y (4/64 GB, 11,990 rubles) is based on the Unisoc T610. For both models, a battery with a capacity of 5000 mAh is declared.


And at the end of the selection — a very budget option from ZTE. This is the Blade L210 smartphone, which may well become a replacement for a used phone from the secondary market. This model offers a one-year warranty, and the price is quite modest — only 5,560 rubles. Please note that the smartphone does not support 4G/LTE.

Please note that stores keep the declared value, despite the change in exchange rates. It is because of this that they are forced to reduce the equivalent price in USD, which can be easily seen if you select the display of the corresponding currency in the application.

That is, a new smartphone now costs less than $100, which is very interesting. And the ruble cost has not changed much since last year, so you can take it as a replacement option or a spare smartphone. The same is true for other models listed in the selection (~ $90…$110…$115).

Save this collection for yourself, recommend to your friends! You can find other tests and reviews of smart gadgets and technology, as well as selections at the links below and in my profile.


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