Gallium nitride power supplies are simply referred to as GANs and are a new trend in chargers. How does it win over classic exercises? First of all, this is an increase in energy efficiency and a decrease in heat generation, and secondly, the possibility of a denser layout and obtaining small memory sizes. Thus, chargers made using GAN allow you to deliver high power with relatively compact cases, as well as charge several powerful consumers at the same time (for example, a smartphone and a laptop).

Now a few words about support for fast charging protocols. Almost all chargers support the latest Power Delivery protocols, Quick Charge 3.4, AFC, FCP/SCP/FCP, BC1.2 and so on. Therefore, choosing GAN charging, you can get a fairly versatile device.

Ugreen GAN

100W 65W

This collection opens with a couple of proven GAN chargers from Ugreen. My reviews can be found at these links: 65W and 100W. In short, these are excellent devices with honest parameters and good performance.

The 65W model is equipped with 2*typeC and 1*USB-A (66.8*40*31mm), while the 100W model has 3*typeC and 1*USB-A (69*69*33.5mm).

Baseus GaN

100W 65W

We all know that Baseus produces many quality products, including various chargers. The line of memory devices made using GAN technology has 2 options: 65 (70 * 40 * 36.9mm) and 100W (85.6 * 40.7 * 37.8mm). A distinctive feature is the form factor, in which the charger consists of the unit itself with ports and an extension cord with a plug. Thus, the charger can be placed on the work surface and not reach for the outlet.

Both models are equipped with a pair of typeC ports and a pair of classic USB-A.

Orico Gan

100W 65W

Next in line is another representative who is on everyone’s lips and this is Orico. Their line also includes charger models for 65W (65*40*28mm) and 100W (75*61*29mm). Compared to competitors, they are distinguished by their compact size and low weight. The number of available connectors is exactly the same as for Ugreen chargers (2*typeC and 1*USB-A for the 65W model, 3*typeC and 1*USB-A for the 100W model).

Usams GAN

100W 65W

It is the turn of less well-known brands, but producing no less high-quality products. And the first in line is the young USAMS brand with its line of GAN chargers for 65 and 100W. Against the backdrop of eminent competitors, USAMS catches on with its affordable price and good performance.

When choosing a charger for 65W (107*37*32mm), we already get a standard set of ports (2*typeC and 1*USB-A), while the 100W model (76*61*30mm) is equipped with an even amount of USB-A and typeC connectors (a pair for each type).

Anker GAN

65W 65W Nano

The final brand is Anker, founded in 2011 and garnering a lot of positive feedback from end users. The presented models are interesting in that they are made in a compact size with considerable power. Therefore, if there is a need for only 1 port (for example, to charge a laptop), then the 65W Nano is an excellent choice. The regular version is already equipped with 2 typeC ports and a relatively compact body.

Both models are guaranteed for 18 months.


  • 65W — 5*5*2.54cm
  • 65W Nano — 4.1*3.6*4.4cm

I hope this selection was able to help with the choice of a suitable charger using GAN technology and the required power (from 65 to 100W).


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