At the end of spring and summer, picnics, fishing, summer vacations and camping, hiking along tourist routes are especially relevant. And folding, lightweight and space-saving chairs will help you enjoy nature in comfort.

Given the instability of the ruble exchange rate, prices often differ significantly for similar products, so today the selection includes chairs that can be purchased not only from Aliexpress, but also in Russian stores.

Well, at the end you will find a small bonus: I will tell you how you can save on purchases with Aliexpress at the current exchange rate, and I will also give you a few promotional codes.

The easiest folding chair for fishing and camping

And we start with this budget option.
This is a small chair with an Oxford cloth seat and durable resin painted steel legs.
Its height is 26 cm, and the size of the seat is 25×25 cm, weight is 0.85 kg.
Withstands weight up to 100 kg.
A good option for unpretentious people of a slim build.

Simple folding outdoor chair with backrest

And here are more convenient options that will allow you to relax not only your legs, but also your back.

On the first and second links you will find two models: medium (seat size 38.5×28 cm, total height 70 cm and weight 1.59 kg) and large (seat size 43×32 cm, total height 73 cm and weight 1.73 kg). The frame is steel, with a pipe diameter of 1.6 cm and a thickness of 0.1 cm, fabric — Oxford 600D. The maximum permissible load is 90 kg.

According to the third link, the “President Fish” chair has a seat size of 49×35 cm, a height of 85 cm and a weight of 2.8 kg, and a maximum load of 120 kg.

Folding armchair with cup holder

When unfolded, the dimensions of this chair (HxWxD) are 85x52x52 cm, folded — 12x15x85 cm.

The frame is metal, the material is polyester, the maximum allowable weight is 100 kg.

This is a great option for a comfortable stay in hiking, hunting, fishing and camping. In addition to a comfortable backrest, there are armrests with a cup holder for a drink.

Folding Mesh Outdoor Leisure Chair

And here is another option that compares favorably with a more durable seat and back fabric, a thick frame (steel thickness — 1.8 mm) and a maximum allowable weight of up to 120 kg.

Its unfolded dimensions (HxWxD) are 75x45x36 cm, folded — 70x50x15 cm, weight — 2.5 kg.

It also has armrests, but no cup holder.

Folding chair, backpack and cooler bag 3 a 1

There is another interesting solution.

Firstly, it is a suma-refrigerator with thick walls, including a layer of foil, which will allow you to maintain the desired temperature inside for a long time. There are also two pockets — open, for a bottle of water, and closed — with a zipper.

Secondly, there are straps here — which is very convenient for carrying not only in the hands, but also on the back.

And thirdly, this is a durable folding chair made of Oxford fabric and a steel body, its dimensions are 36x30x50 cm.

It is a good option for picnic, camping, fishing.

On the second link you will find a 2 in 1 option, just a bag chair without straps.

Multifunctional Folding Fishing Chair

This chair has a very thoughtful design — by adjusting the inclination of the legs and back, it can be installed on an uneven and even sloping surface, and the spikes on the bases of the legs make this installation convenient and safe.

In addition, the chair is rich in all sorts of devices for holding fishing gear and comfortable fishing.

Chair height — 76 cm, seats — 32×25 cm, backrests — 29×30 cm, transport dimensions — 37×61 cm.

Folding chair set with table

And this is the case if you are going to nature with the company.

Here the chairs are compactly placed inside the table and the size for transportation is only 53×52.50×7 cm.

Table material: frame — aluminum profile metal tube; tabletop — waterproof plastic, there is a height adjustment — from 44.5 cm and 61 cm.

When unfolded, the size of the table is 102 × 50×44.5 / 61 cm, the maximum load is 20 kg.

There are four chairs: their height is about 31 cm, the seat is 30×30 cm, the maximum load is 90 kg.

The total weight of the kit is 8.5 kg.

I hope the selection was interesting, and you were able to choose a folding chair for your needs.

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