Today I decided to make for you a selection of home weather stations from Aliexpress with outdoor temperature sensors. I tried to describe the main advantages of each of the presented models, so that it would be easier for you to make a choice. These devices simplify everyday life in that it becomes possible to find out the temperature and humidity indoors and outdoors, so that it is more convenient to decide on clothes, they also have a number of useful functions such as time display, alarm clock and calendar.

1. Digoo DG-TH8888

The Digoo DG-TH8888 weather station opens our selection. This device has a color display and a wireless remote sensor for outdoor measurements. Everything you need is present, namely measuring the level of humidity, indoor and outdoor temperature, alarm clock, barometer, time and date display.

2.FanJu FJ3383F

On the second line we have FanJu FJ3383F. Here we have a wireless sensor in the kit, which, according to the manufacturer, works at a distance of up to 60 meters. There are additional functions of the calendar, alarm clock, moon phase display.

3. Geevon 8665

On the third line we have a weather station from Geevon with a color display. This station has a number of useful functions such as weather forecast, moon phase, outdoor and indoor temperature and humidity, alarm clock, date and time and comfort indication. The station can work both from AAA batteries and from the mains. There is also an interesting feature with a built-in USB input for charging the phone.

4. Aideepen

The weather station from Aideepen has a wireless sensor with IP4 moisture protection. An interesting feature of this station is fully touch control. There is a built-in bright backlight with an auto-off function to save energy. The sensor is battery-operated and has a light indication when the charge becomes critical. There are basic functions for displaying temperature and humidity inside and outside the room.

5. Balor B036

The Balor weather station has a wireless sensor with a working distance of up to 100 meters. The station has all the necessary functions such as displaying the temperature and humidity level indoors and outdoors, moon phases, date and time.

6. NEFBENLI 3378

The weather station from NEFBENLI has a color display and two modes of operation, powered by mains and batteries. In addition to the basic functions of displaying temperature and humidity levels, there is also an alarm clock and a calendar. There is a function of recharging the smartphone through the built-in USB input. Indication of the remaining battery charge will tell you when you need to replace the power source or connect the station to the network.

7. Newentor Q8

The Q8 station from Newentor works wirelessly. The outside temperature sensor can be located up to 100 meters away. This device can be placed not only on a flat surface, but also on the wall. The sensor itself also shows key readings on a miniature display.


The Anysmart color display weather station runs on AAA batteries or mains power. There are all the basic functions such as displaying the temperature indoors and outdoors and additional ones such as a clock, calendar, moon phase and an alarm clock.

9 Zeneja VL2810

The Zeneja weather station with a color display can work with up to three wireless sensors. On a wireless sensor on a miniature display, the display of basic information is duplicated. The station has all the necessary functions such as temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, moon phases, alarm clock and calendar. There is also an interesting function, like an alarm at low or high temperature.

10 Easyover 3310

The station from Easyover completes our selection. This model has a color display, the seller also offers two color schemes — black and wood. On board the station are the functions of displaying weather, temperature, air humidity, an alarm clock, a calendar. There is a built-in USB port for charging the phone, as well as the ability to use batteries or from the mains.

This concludes our selection of weather stations. I hope you managed to make your choice. Don’t forget to leave your feedback in the comments and share this collection with your friends. Go to my profile, there you can find other interesting collections and reviews on various technical devices.


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