Active noise canceling headphones are in high demand among buyers on AliExpress. Today I have prepared for you a selection of ten in-ear headphones, I will tell you about the main advantages of the models, and highlight their main advantages over competitors.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro

In the first place of our selection are wireless vacuum headphones, made in the form of a drop. The seller offers a choice of shades of silver, purple and black. The fixation is reliable, they keep well in the ears. Thanks to the batteries built into the headphones, you can listen to tracks for about 5 hours, but if the active noise reduction system is turned off, then the time of using the gadget will last up to 8 hours. Touch control. Settings are made in the Galaxy Wearable app. The range of reproducible frequencies is 20-20000 Hz. There is water protection according to the PX7 standard.

HUAWEI FreeBuds 4i

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Next, we will talk about wireless headphones, available from the seller in three color variations. The model is compact. The battery capacity of the charging box is 215 mAh, which should be taken into account before buying, because there are models where this indicator is one level higher. The headset is connected either in the Huawei Al Life program, or in the «classic» way. Managing the gadget is as easy as shelling pears — by double-tapping and long pressing. The range of reproducible frequencies is 20-20000 Hz. IP54 protection standard.

Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2

The next model of wireless headphones is available on AliExpress in two color options — black or white. The battery life is about 7 hours. Using the charging box, the battery life will increase to 28 hours, unless, of course, listening to music at full volume. The range of reproducible frequencies is 5-21000 Hz. The noise level is low. There is water protection according to the IPX4 standard. Touch control.

Jabra Elite 75t

Another interesting model of headphones with an active noise reduction system. The housing is sealed, IP55 protection standard. Available from the retailer in dark blue with a distinctive silvery sheen. It supports the AAC codec, which serves as a guarantee of high sound quality, while the bass is powerful and stands out perfectly. Isolation from external interference is implemented perfectly. Battery life — 7 hours, with boxing — up to 18 hours.

HUAWEI FreeLace Pro

The fifth line of our mini-rating is occupied by in-ear wireless headphones, which differ from other models in a rather large size. The diameter of the drivers corresponds to 14.2 mm. There are silicone loops that provide additional fixation. In the active noise canceling mode, the headphones will work up to 16 hours. Using the touch button located on the left earphone, you can adjust the level of external noise. There is protection against water according to the IP55 standard.

Soundcore Liberti Air 2 Pro

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Further in the selection, the headphones, which have the so-called «outgrowths», have 9 pairs of silicone tips built into them, so no additional clamps are required, the headphones stay in the ears so well. The mode of the active noise reduction system is configured manually; for the same purpose, you can use the Soundcore application. Charging fast — 15 minutes. Headphones work time — 3 hours. The protection standard is IPX4. The disadvantage of the model is the lack of a waterproof plug on the charging box.

Xiaomi Air 2 Pro

The seventh place in the selection is occupied by a model of wireless headphones in a spectacular performance — from the outside, the headphones resemble an oval. Case material — matte plastic with a glossy ceramic coating. Comes with different sizes of ear pads that are responsible for the richness of the sound and the blocking of external noise. The sound is of high quality, the bass is strong, the mids and highs do not clog. The battery capacity allows you to listen to music on headphones for 4.5 hours.

HONOR Magic Earbuds

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The following model of wireless headphones supports AAC and SBC codecs. The soundproofing system is excellent. The sound of audio tracks is voluminous, which not every model in the selection can boast of. Unfortunately, at high volume in conditions of pronounced low frequency, interference can sometimes be heard emitted by the anti-phase signal. Headphones are configured in the HUAWEI AL Life app. The operating time on a full charge is 3-3.5 hours, with the active noise reduction mode turned on. The range of reproducible frequencies is 20-20000 Hz. There is protection against water according to the IP55 standard.

HUAWEI FreeBuds Pro

The penultimate line of our mini-rating is occupied by wireless headphones made in a non-standard design, in an oval shape of a large size. Typical ear pads cannot be put on them, while the ones included in the package are not suitable for everyone, which can cause some inconvenience and affect noise suppression. The battery life is 7 hours. The level of noise reduction is high, up to 40 dB. The range of reproducible frequencies is 20-20000 Hz. Works with HUAWEI AL Life app.


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In the last place of today’s selection are wireless headphones, which are very comfortable to use. Charging is fast, the headset works for a long time. When you connect the headphones, a pop-up window should appear on them. A feature of the model is the presence of hybrid drivers, combined type emitters — dynamic and reinforcing. From them, in fact, depends on the detailed sound of frequencies in high quality, both low and medium with high. Support for AAC and SBC codecs is provided. The range of reproducible frequencies is 20-20000 Hz.

This concludes our selection. If the information presented was not enough for you, and you want to study in more detail the characteristics of the model of wireless headphones you like, then I recommend that you go to the main page with the product directly on AliExpress.


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