Drilling holes in various materials is one of the most common operations in the plumbing business, so every handyman should always have practical sets of drills on hand for various tasks. The selection contains the most popular sets of decent quality, which can be purchased right now on AlExpress. All drills in the set are made of durable material, withstand high loads well and have delivery at the expense of the seller.

Twist drills

Good twist drills in various lengths are great for working in soft metals, wood and plastic. Made from high speed steel. They show themselves well in working with a drill. Unlike branded ones, they are several times cheaper, you can not save them. If the drill becomes dull during operation, it can immediately be replaced with a new one.

Large twist drills

An excellent option for large twist drills with a special shape for fast, deep and precise drilling. They have good quality. Recommended for drilling holes in soft materials: wood, plastic, non-ferrous metals. They are securely fixed in the drill chuck and show themselves perfectly in work. Delivery is fast, the seller is responsive.

Core drills

Another good drill option for drilling holes in non-alloy steel, non-ferrous metals, iron, stainless steel and plastics. Core drills have a unique design that provides high rotational stability. To prolong the service life, it is recommended to use a little oil during operation. The quality is good, fully corresponds to its price.

Step drills

Popular step drills will be useful to every master. They are suitable for drilling metal sheets, cast iron, drywall, plastics. They are titanium coated and drill holes without burrs or damage to the edges. Sharp tip to quickly drill through dense metal. The set includes three drills 4-12 mm, 4-20 mm and 4-32 mm. The quality is good, you can take.

Fountain drills

A good set of drill bits designed for woodworking. The set includes drills of the most necessary diameters (10-12-16-18-20-25mm). Drills have a polished surface, a trapezoidal cutting part with sharpened sides and a sharp tip. The shank is 1/4″ hex.

Drills for wood and metal

A set of two running drills 6 and 8 mm in diameter, which do an excellent job with their main task. Made from high quality high speed steel. They have a special shape of the working part with a protruding “tooth”, which allows you to quickly and accurately create recesses while maintaining the maximum accuracy of the diameter. Drills are of good quality, you can take.

Combination drills

Modern combination drills will greatly simplify the work with wood on the construction site and even during home repairs. Capable of performing multiple operations at once. The set includes 5 drills. Material — high speed steel. The length of the hole can be adjusted by clamping or loosening the drill to the desired hex mark. Well suited for installation in a screwdriver or drill.

Drills with threaded tip

A good set of twist drills with a sharp threaded tip that provides precise drilling. Made of carbon steel of high hardness and strength. Length: 160 mm. Shank type: hex. Are applied to drilling of various breeds of wood. The drilling process takes place by drilling against the growth of wood fibers.

Drills for glass and ceramics

Good drills are designed for drilling holes in glass, ceramics, stone, wood with a drill. The drills have a central point for initial penetration into the material and cutting teeth that cut around the circumference. When working for a better result and extending the life of the drill, it is recommended to use a coolant.

Forstner drill set

A good set of Forstner drills for precise drilling of holes for fittings. The drill is also used for through holes, especially when you need to make a neat hole with perfectly even edges. In addition, the drill can drill both perpendicularly and at an angle to the surface at the desired depth. In general, an interesting version of the drill, which every master should have.

The selection presented sets of drills that should be in the arsenal of every master. I hope you have found a suitable option for yourself in the selection. More selections in the author’s profile.


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