Despite the amazing adventures of the ruble, the middle price segment of vacuum cleaners remains the most attractive: they will not eat up your quarterly salary and at the same time they will do a good job of dry cleaning. For the rating, I selected 7 models costing from $200 to $300. They differ quite a lot from each other: suction power from 120 to 190 aerowatts (if you are confused by an unknown value, then an aerowatt is approximately equal to a watt), wet or only dry cleaning, with or without a display, with different designs and equipment — everyone can find something to your liking.



The JIMMY H8 differs from most analogues in the design of the working unit: a horizontal bulb opens from the side, and a cylindrical battery is placed under the handle at the back. This arrangement of modules is optimal in terms of balance, although the dust in the dust collector is not distributed in the best way. For control, two buttons are used, which fall exactly under the thumb. The LED display shows the current battery charge in the form of% and the selected mode — there are 4 of them in total, so you can adjust the power for a specific type of coverage. The main nozzle has a soft roller, ideal for collecting sand from the laminate, but the JIMMY H8 also works well on carpets, since the disadvantages of the roller are compensated by high suction power (160 watts). Of the additional nozzles, there is a furniture brush, which can be used to clean not only the sofa, but also the dog’s bedding, as well as a crevice and a nozzle with a mini-bell — both of them are made according to the 2-in-1 type — with bristles that can be moved onto the bell. JIMMY H8 can be stored in the docking station on the wall, or used to charge the «glass».

Proscenic P11


Proscenic P11 is another model with a horizontal dust collector, but in this case the flask is mounted on top in front of the motor. Theoretically, you can pour out the garbage without removing the flask, but it will not be very convenient to do this. But the Proscenic P11 has a very stylish brutal design that allows you to post interesting pictures in Rosgram (if it ever works properly). To start the engine, you will have to press the key on the handle, and you can switch modes with the buttons on the display. There is also a power switch. Inside the main nozzle is a xiaomi type carpet brush with a massive rotor and bristle waves. It well «grinds» any kind of garbage, including cat litter. Yes, and the suction power allows — 26000 Pa is declared. If you attach a tank with microfiber behind the main nozzle, Proscenic P11 will not only vacuum, but wipe the floor. Such a device will not replace a traditional mop, but it will collect dust on the floor. Also available is a furniture brush (not the best, with tufts of bristles), standard nozzles and a wall-mounted docking station.

Wollmer D707

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Wollmer D707 is a vacuum cleaner with a vertical dust collector, which has two advantages: firstly, it is convenient to throw out garbage, and secondly, heavy specks remain below, and only fine dust rises to the grid, which prolongs the life of the filters. Inexpensive Wollmer pleases with a premium assembly — the parts fit flawlessly, there are no casting marks in the nozzles, and the handle is made of soft-touch plastic. You can operate the vacuum cleaner with one hand, because. power adjustment and starting are done with the thumb. In the main nozzle, you can insert a carpet brush, like the Proscenic P11, or a roller, like the JIMMY H8. So the Wollmer D707 has no problems with any coating. LED lamps illuminate the dust on the floor so that it is clear where to put the nozzle. The suction power is 190 watts, so Wollmer D707 does most of the work from the first pass. In the basic configuration, a furniture nozzle with a “floating” frame and a nozzle for wet cleaning are supplied, and in the advanced configuration, a special brush for wool and a crevice nozzle with light.

Dreame P10 Pro

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In terms of design, the Dreame P10 Pro is similar to the Proscenic P11: a pistol grip, the bulb “lies” on the pipe in front of the engine compartment (but you need to remove it every time for cleaning), and there is a round display at the end. In addition to the mode switch button, it has a latch that allows you to “release the trigger” and relax your finger. The battery is installed under the handle, and if necessary, it can always be replaced with a backup one (the operating time of one battery is from 11 to 60 minutes). The main nozzle has a roller, ideal for collecting sand and small debris. Although the suction power (130 watts) is also enough to draw in pieces of filler, it should be borne in mind that the gap between the roller and the socket is small, which is why large debris can block it. The wool on the roller is practically not wound due to the self-cleaning cloves installed in the bell. Of the additional nozzles, attention should be paid to furniture, equipped with a hard brush, which well gets not only dust, but also dust mites out of the upholstery of the sofa. You can store the vacuum cleaner with nozzles in the floor station.

Xiaomi Mi Vacuum cleaner G9 and Xiaomi Viomi A9

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In fifth place are the twin brothers Xiaomi G9 and Viomi A9. They differ in color, but the characteristics and type of construction are the same: Xiaomi seamless design, convenient dust collector and handle, mode switching at the end of the motor unit and a removable battery. The suction power in both cases is 120 watts. Sufficient for surface cleaning of the carpet and high-quality cleaning on the laminate. In addition to the main nozzle, the set includes furniture, and in the best performance. Such a nozzle will return the store look to the sofa in a matter of minutes. But there are also significant differences. First of all, this is the volume of the dust collector, which the G9 has more (600 ml versus 400 ml), and the main working tool: the G9 has a petal-bristle brush, while the A9 has a soft roller. Accordingly, if there are carpets in the house, it is better to focus on Xiaomi G9, and any of the models is suitable for a smooth floor. Xiaomi G9 also boasts a docking station on the wall, but Viomi A9 has a backlight for the main nozzle.

Polaris PVCS 1101 HandStick PRO


Polaris PVCS 1101 HandStickPRO is a simple yet powerful stick at a cheap price point. In terms of assembly, Polaris is noticeably inferior to its Xiaomi counterparts: the quality of the plastic leaves much to be desired, joints and inaccurate fitting of nodes are visible everywhere. But the vacuum cleaner is properly designed: it is convenient to maintain it, it is controlled with one hand, in large houses you can use backup batteries. But most importantly, the suction power, reaching 160 watts. Polaris PVCS 1101 can clean linoleum, parquet and thin carpets as a bristle brush is installed inside the nozzle. But keep in mind that the socket is small, so there may be problems with large debris. Polaris has a minimal package — in addition to the main nozzle, there are only two additional ones: a slotted one, which will help to get dust between the sofa cushions, and a 2 in 1 nozzle — an ideal device to get crumbs out of the keyboard. The vacuum cleaner together with all attachments can be placed in a bracket on the wall. True, you still have to charge through the socket in the battery.

Clever&Clean HV-450

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The most original rating model is Clever & Clean HV-450 2 in 1. Unlike the Polaris PVCS 1101, this vacuum cleaner is made at the highest level: stylish design, well-thought-out design of the dust collector with a separating “skirt”, a clear fit of parts. True, you will have to use your second hand to control it, since the mode switch was placed above the motor unit. The claimed suction power is -25,000 Pa, but this is an overestimated figure. Clever & Clean does an excellent job with laminate, but there is no longer enough power to process carpets, especially since the main nozzle has a soft roller. The fact that Clever & Clean is designed for smooth surfaces is also evidenced by the replaceable nozzle with a bell and mop. She sucks up the sand scattered on the floor and immediately rubs the surface with rotating napkins. They remain moist for a long time due to the built-in 200 ml tank. The mop is equipped with a light, so you can immediately see the dirt and dust that prevent the floor from sparkling, and immediately eliminate this oversight. Despite the moderate price tag, Clever & Clean HV-450 is a rather interesting vacuum cleaner for complex cleaning.


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