Did you know that there are cables from MicroUSB to Type-C or Lightning? In this collection I want to talk about rather specific adapters. Not everyone needs them, but everything happens in life. For example, I have a headphone amplifier that connects to the phone with a MicroUSB to Type-C cable. Quite a non-standard cable. But I had to order. Below I will tell you the options of what to what and how you can connect. I will collect all the options in one place, so that it is more convenient to search if necessary.

By the way, the options may be different:


Micro USB — Lightning


MicroUSB to Type-C cable


I personally use such a cable, I took it about a month ago. The cable is good quality. The braid is fabric, there are comfortable pads on the plugs. I use it to connect the SMSL IQ amplifier to the phone.

MicroUSB to Lightning cable

Micro USB — Lightning

Such a MicroUSB to Lightning cable is quite difficult to find, since it is mainly intended for connecting the Iphone to audio gadgets, and, accordingly, the price of such a cable also bites a little. But sometimes there are situations when there is no way out and such a cable is needed.

Lightning to Type-C cable


A Lightning to Type-C cable is not uncommon these days, and just about every brand that makes phone accessories can offer this kind of cord. With the advent of a huge number of devices with Type-C connectors (chargers, speakers, headphones, gamepads, etc.), there are no problems finding such cables. And they are most likely available to users of Apple technology. But I’ll still include it in the collection.

Type-C to USB A Female Adapter

ype-C USB A Female

This adapter allows you to connect devices with a Type-C plug to regular USB ports on your computer or laptop. It happens that you need to connect a device with a Type-C plug to an old computer that does not have a Type-C port. This is the kind of adapter that will do the trick.

USB A to Type-C adapter

USB A-Type-C

But sometimes the situation is different. We bought a new ultrabook, and the manufacturer, in pursuit of fashion, did not add a single USB A port. And now we have a regular USB device that cannot be plugged into a Type-C port. This is where the USB A-Type-C adapter comes to the rescue. By the way, it can also be used to connect some USB devices to modern phones.

Usb Type-C to Aux Adapter

Usb Type-C – Aux male Usb Type-C – Aux female

These adapters are of two types. Mom and Dad. Using this adapter, you can either connect your phone to a speaker with a 3.5mm jack, or vice versa connect regular headphones with a 3.5mm plug to your phone. Depending on the need. The adapter has been quite in demand since the «marketing geniuses» came up with the idea that the 3.5mm jack is no longer needed in phones.

In addition to the options I have described, there are even more specific ones. Such as MiniUSB to MicroUSB or 3.5mm. But these options are now required less and less, and they are already quite difficult to find. But the options that I talked about are still in demand, since many of us still have many different devices with popular connectors on hand.

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