Today’s post is dedicated to frames and framesets for self-assembly of an off-road fat bike (fatbike). This is a bike with wide wheels measuring 26×4…5″. These low-pressure wheels allow the bike to go where a regular mountain bike would get stuck. This is primarily snow in winter, but in summer such a bike can ride on sand, swampy terrain and tall grass.

Such bikes, in addition to narrow off-road specialization, also have a drawback — an increased mass compared to a mountain MTB bike. Therefore, it is more logical to assemble a DIY fatbike based on a carbon frameset, this will give a gain in mass and rigidity.

In my opinion, suspension forks and frames for fat bikes are an extra design feature, thick wheels already perfectly absorb all the bumps in the road surface. Therefore, we will consider only rigid options.


Despite the fact that carbon is the best material for self-assembly, the aluminum frame for a fat bike opens the selection. Just because it’s affordable.

The frame is the most common: a straight head tube, a threaded bottom bracket, a rear wheel for an eccentric, external cable routing. Of special stages — fastening under the footrest and seatpost clamp.

Size one is 16.5″ / 42cm, for short cyclists.


Another aluminum inexpensive option. There is already a familiar design with a straight top tube. And size 17″ for height up to 175 cm.

Of the design features of the frame — a reinforced double tube on the bottom bracket and a 120 mm straight head tube 44 mm in diameter. The seatpost used is 27.2mm in diameter.

The weight of the frame only is 2.2 kg. The color is only black. There are customer reviews from the Russian Federation.


Moving on to carbon framesets (frame + rigid fork). A set from Winowsports for axles on two wheels (the width of the rear drops is 197 mm), on the frame there is internal cable routing. Warranty 2 years.

The weight of the frame in the 18th size is 1280 g.

You can buy both a frame and a frameset. Moreover, the frame comes in three sizes 16/18/20″, you can choose according to your height. The geometry is on the product page. Custom paint is also available.


A rather popular frameset from ICAN based on the SN01 carbon frame. Fits wheels up to 26×4.8″ 197mm wide drops.

Frame for axles on wheels. Carriage type BSA 120 mm wide. There are threaded bolts for mounting wings.

Frame weighs 1298g, carbon fork 495g.

There are three sizes to choose from: 16/18/20″. Comes with a quality steering wheel.

Airwolf YFM050

Carbon (T1000) frame with a nice modern design from Airwolf. Fits 26×5.0″ wheels on axles and is Di2 compatible. Plus, the frame is quite light — 1408 g in the average size.

Of course, the design features a tapered head tube, 100mm bottom bracket and internal cable routing.

The lot is available in three sizes 16/18/20″ and several bright color options, in addition to matte/glossy carbon. Includes headset, seatpost clamp, axles and quick release conversion. Warranty two years.


You can not ignore the manufacturer BXT, they have reliable and durable frames. This T800 carbon frameset is quite light: 1356g ±50g (for size 16). For 26×4.8″ wheels on axles, 197mm wide rear dropouts. For disc brakes with 160 mm discs.

It comes with a headset, seatpost clamp and aluminum axles.

There are only a couple of 16/18″ sizes to choose from, but a huge number of frameset color options.


This carbon (T700) frameset has a 100mm bottom bracket but 197mm wide rear drops and will fit wide tires up to 4.8″. The frame has a dynamic design with a top tube that curves towards the head tube and reinforcements on the center tube.

Frame weight 1520 g, and forks 540 g. Detailed geometry is on the product page.

There are three color combinations to choose from and only a couple of frame sizes 17/19″


The idea of ​​electric conversion of a fatbike is not new, and to implement it, Chinese engineers are releasing a specialized carbon frame. A removable battery is harmoniously integrated into this frame. And the frame looks futuristic due to the lack of a middle tube.

Wheels 26×4″.

On this frame, you can assemble an all-terrain vehicle with wide wheels and a rear wheel motor (250-750 W). The list of motors is in the description of the lot.


The selection is also completed by a frame for assembling an electric powerful fatbike. This is a specialized frame for the most powerful series central motor Bafang G510. Here is a frame with rear shock absorption (shock absorber 185×50 mm), but here it will not be superfluous — the motor power at the peak is 1.5 kW.

Carbon fiber frame for wheels up to 4.8″ wide with 197x12mm rear axle. A case for a battery (48 V, 14 Ah) is integrated into the frame.

Warranty 2 years. Available in three sizes 16/18/20″.

I hope the selection of bicycle frames for DIY fat bike assembly was useful and you will choose the option for your taste and budget.

Happy shopping! Don’t forget to apply AliExpress coupons and discounts.


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