For regular and safe cleaning of windows on the outside of a residential or office space, it makes sense to use the appropriate tools. One of the most comfortable options is a specialized window cleaning robot, which allows you to rub the glass surface automatically or with remote control, removing street dirt. Window cleaning robots come with rotating drives (round wipes), with a rectangular wipe, with a water spray, and so on. Additionally, devices can wipe various types of surfaces — matte and glossy aprons, ceramic tiles, mirror and glass surfaces. To wet wipes, use glass cleaners.

Window cleaning robot dBot W120

One of the most popular models is the dBot W120 window cleaning robot. It features a relatively high speed of cleaning the surface, several laid cleaning routes and remote control from the remote control. The kit includes spare rings / napkins, power supply (cord 4 meters). The built-in battery allows you to stay in standby mode for up to 20 minutes in case of power failure, and the created resolution allows you to stay not only on glass / mirror, but also on matte ceramic tiles, which makes it possible to clean the walls in the bathroom.

Window cleaning robot dBot W100

Another popular and inexpensive model is the dBot W100. This model can be distinguished by the characteristic shape of the air outlet in the form of a «mushroom». This option works a little quieter, but no less effective. Cleaning speed comparable to dBot W120. The devices use compatible consumables such as cleaning cloths and mounting rings.

Window cleaning robot dBot W140 with sprayer

The dBot W140 model is a new version of the window cleaning robot with a detergent dispenser installed. A small reservoir is provided inside the case, the liquid from which is sprayed using an ultrasonic nozzle in automatic mode or on command from a remote control. The robot moves on the glass in zigzag and rotating movements, the washing speed corresponds to approximately 1 square meter in 4 minutes.

Xiaomi HUTT DDC5 Window Cleaning Robot

An equally popular model is also in the Xiaomi eco-system. This is a HUTT DDC5 remote controlled window cleaning robot. The robot allows you to clean not only glass / mirror surfaces, but also countertops, shower doors, tiles, etc. The kit includes spare wipes, a power supply with a cable and a safety cable.

Xiaomi HUTT W66 window cleaning robot

As an alternative to the window cleaning robot with round drives, you can choose the rectangular model HUTT W66 from Xiaomi. This option is distinguished by a rather large system that provides suction and movement, as well as a wide rectangular cloth for cleaning. Just like the W140, the HUTT W66 has an ultrasonic spray system and a detergent tank.

Consumables for robots

Buy for dBot W100 W120 W140 Buy for HUTT W66 W55 DDC5 DDC55

If you plan on using window cleaning robots frequently, then it makes sense to purchase spare consumables in advance. These are reusable absorbent microfiber cleaning cloths that will fit a range of compatible models, such as round cloths for dBot robot cleaners (W100/W120/W140/W200), round cloths for HUTT DDC5/DDC55, as well as rectangular options for HUTT W66/W55.

On Aliexpress and Tmall, the cost of these models is now slightly lower than similar offers on Ya.Market, Ozon and other stores. In any case, such models help to wash the window without any problems. The presence of a safety cable and a built-in backup battery significantly reduce the risk of «dropping» such a device. And the speed of washing allows you to calmly wash all the windows in the room in a short time. Caring for appliances is elementary — just throw napkins into the washing machine and then dry.

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