If you are thinking about upgrading your old car headlights, then the most logical solution would be to replace the lamps. There is a wide range of h4 lamp models on the Chinese marketplace Aliexpress, and for your convenience, I have prepared a corresponding selection. I will tell you about the criteria for choosing goods in this category, I will note their pros and cons.


In the first place of our today’s selection is the LED lamp, which gets very hot during operation, and therefore it cannot do without the installation of forced cooling. The cooler is equipped with five blades, which is an indisputable advantage of this model. Brightness corresponds to a value of 26,000 lumens. Power — 110 watts. The color temperature is 6000 K. Good heat dissipation can be attributed to the pluses, but the model has no minuses as such. The only thing you might not like is the seller’s sluggishness, the order takes a long time to reach the country of dispatch.

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Next, we will talk about the LED lamp at a budget cost. The quality of the model is not bad, it will last for a long time, namely, about 5000 hours. The seller provides a one year warranty. I will list the main indicators. Power — 36 watts. The brightness of the light flux is 6000 lumens. The color temperature is 3000-8000 K. I recommend that you take a closer look at this model, as this is really a great option to buy.


The third line of our mini-rating is occupied by the model of the LED lamp, which is slightly higher in cost than the budget options, however, this is quite justified. Judge for yourself. Power — 120 watts. Brightness — 20,000 lumens. The cooler is reinforced, which contributes to rapid heat dissipation, the blades are made of aluminum. A visor is also provided for additional protection of the lamp, in fact, it controls the movement of the beam on the road.


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The next LED lamp in the selection has a power of 25 W and a voltage of 6 V, which will allow you to install it even on a motorcycle, and not just in a car. Again, it must be taken into account that the level of luminous flux does not exceed 1500 lumens, this parameter is an order of magnitude lower than competitors offer. Unfortunately, if you choose this model, the color temperature is not adjustable here, please pay attention to it.


Fifth place today is occupied by the budget version of the LED lamp, which does not differ in high power (this figure corresponds to 25 W). Unfortunately, there is no built-in cooler in the lamp, so the lamp is cooled naturally. The manufacturer claims that the brightness of the luminous flux is 6000 lumens, in fact, this parameter is an order of magnitude lower. As for the light temperature, it corresponds to 3000-12000 K.


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Next, we will talk about a lamp available from the seller in two versions with a difference in power level (60 and 80 W). The brightness of the light flux is 10,000 or 14,000 lumens, respectively (here, the total values ​​\u200b\u200bare taken into account when two lamps are on). Just in case, let me remind you that the saturation of yellow color depends on the level of light temperature, the lower this indicator, the more yellow the light will be. In fact, everything is individual, and only you will decide which lamp is right for you.


The seventh place in our selection is occupied by an inexpensive LED lamp model, which definitely deserves attention. The maximum glow temperature reaches 15,000 K, in my opinion, this is a very cool indicator. The quality is generally good. The disadvantages include not a very good connection of the wire with the plug, from time to time it can pop up (in this case there is a solution — fix it with electrical tape, and you can use it). The cooler is also a bit noisy, and another point to be taken into account is the rather weak sealing gum.


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I will move on to another model of LED lamp, which is worth a closer look. It is sold at an affordable price, while the quality does not suffer. The base connector corresponds to H4, the seller also has other connectors that are in demand among buyers. During the ordering process, you will be able to determine the level of temperature of the light flux, which is suitable for you (options are available from 3000 to 25,000 K). Brightness — 20,000 lumens.


The penultimate line of the selection is occupied, perhaps, by the most affordable model presented in terms of cost. You should not expect sky-high performance from it, which flagship lamps can boast of. Color temperature — 6500K, adjustment is not provided. Power — 72 watts. The degree of water resistance is IP68. As for the brightness of the light flux, it corresponds to 7200 lumens.

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And the LED lamp, which is part of the middle price category, completes our today’s selection. The design of this model is more thoughtful in comparison with budget models. The cooling system works perfectly, it is based on copper and aluminum radiators. The temperature level of the light flux can be selected during the process of ordering the lamp, the seller offers to purchase one of three variations. The brightness of the lamp is increased — 25,000 lumens. Power — 110 watts.

So, we have smoothly come to the end of our collection. I hope, based on the information provided, you were able to decide on the choice of the most suitable LED lamp for your car. If additional materials are required on the issue, then you always have the opportunity to go to the main page with the product directly on Aliexpress for a more detailed study of the characteristics of the model you like.


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