In my selection, I offer 10 compact sets for minor repairs, I know for sure that these will be chosen by craftsmen who are fond of repairing smartphones and tablets, watches, cameras and other small equipment. Let all tool kits be miniature, but sensible, do not take up much space in the house, easily fit in a car, and someone can easily fit in a bag. The set necessarily contains a screwdriver and magnetized bits, some sets are additionally equipped with other useful accessories, such as tweezers, extension cord, knife, etc.

Xiaomi electric screwdriver 24 bits


My selection is opened by a set I tested from the eminent manufacturer Xiaomi. Of course, as expected from this manufacturer, I have a stylish and high-quality set of tools that includes an electric screwdriver, 24 bits and the whole set is housed in a strong metal magnetized case. The power tool is compact and well made. All bits are magnetized, all perfectly aligned and all fit perfectly.

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Compact set with screwdriver, knife and tweezers and 43 bits


A great set of 46 items, which includes not only a screwdriver and bits, but also a knife and tweezers. Such a large set is designed very compactly in a magnetic case, no more than 10 cm long. The tools, judging by the huge number of customer responses, are very worthy: strong, functional, high-quality workmanship, work is flawless.

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Popular 63-Piece Set


A very rich screwdriver set with precision magnetic nozzles in the amount of 62 pcs. Such a gift will delight a lover to repair or simply disassemble and inquire. Screwdriver and bits are supplied in a flat plastic case and have magnetized niches for all elements. Use a screwdriver to repair any household appliance at home, or put it in your bag if you are doing custom repairs, it takes up little space and weighs only 310 grams.

Screwdriver set HTM 128 in 1


An excellent set of HTM 128 screwdrivers in 1. The cover, which accommodates as many as 128 items, is made in the form of a rug — look at what a roomy cylinder, no more than 15 cm long. Please note that the cover can not only be used in a horizontal position, for convenience it is possible install in a vertical position. The kit includes a screwdriver, extension cord, tweezers, magnetizer / demagnetizer, crown and various bits.

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Precision screwdriver set 145 in 1


Presentable and practical screwdriver set. A compact plastic case contains everything you need for the repair and diagnostics of household appliances. The kit includes 145 elements, which, of course, include a screwdriver, an extension cord, a pen, tweezers, a magnetizer. The bits are magnetized, perfectly removed from the suitcase with tweezers and well attached to a screwdriver.

Set of 25 items


Such a compact set is perfect for a novice craftsman and just to replace batteries in electrical appliances or toys in a businesslike way — it has the most common bits, convenient magnetized elements and a smart storage case. The set includes a screwdriver and 24 bits.

Rechargeable screwdriver and bit set


The Creationspace compact cordless electric screwdriver comes with bits. The screwdriver is good because it has a built-in battery that is charged via a Type-C connection. To fix small appliances, home gadgets, or just look inside to determine the cause of the breakdown, everyone will have enough experience, as well as a set of bits that are included in the kit. A compact case, 20 magnetized bits, a charging cable, positive feedback from customers and a big discount encourage the purchase of a set.

Set of 130 items


Another cool suitcase compact size, but roomy. The set includes a screwdriver, extension cord, flexible adapter, magnetized steel bits. In total, there are 130 items in the kit, which are sure to be enough for professional repair of office and home appliances.

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Compact multifunction tool kit


The 43-piece set will only take up a small amount of space in your tool bag and won’t weigh you down, but it’s useful for small replacement or repair jobs. A case with two compartments for storing a screwdriver, which in turn is also a case for placing bits on it, and for placing a large set of bits in it.

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Fabric mat-pencil case with tools


Blue, red, black — choose the fabric mat with a set of tools to your taste. The kit for repairing electronics and small household appliances includes a screwdriver, magnetic bits that are placed in Velcro pockets, adapters, tweezers, a brush, a needle, a soldering pad and other components, including magnetic bits. The set includes 140 elements.

I hope my selection was helpful to you. I tried to find inexpensive, but useful products that are popular and those that are interesting to me. All the right shopping.


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