During the crisis, cheap goods are in the greatest demand, so it would be appropriate to talk about the best verticals worth up to $100. At the same time, it makes no sense to consider completely cheap electric brooms up to $ 50, because. they are simply useless. We confine ourselves to intelligent vacuum cleaners that can really help around the house and at least not fall apart in their hands. For the rating, I selected 5 models, more about each of them — later in the review.


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REDMOND RV-UR356 is a budget model from the domestic brand REDMOND, but the RV-UR356 is made, of course, in China. The plastic is cheap, the assembly is far from ideal, but this is compensated by a solid color performance — the vacuum cleaner looks more expensive than it actually is. Management is convenient — the key under the index finger is responsible for all operations. Emptying the dust collector is also not difficult — you can shake out the garbage without removing the flask. The kit comes with a crevice nozzle, a mini brush and a wall holder where they can be stored with the vacuum cleaner. The main nozzle is equipped with a bristle brush, but on the carpet it is of little use due to a weak motor. The suction power of 30 W is only enough to collect dust and crumbs on the laminate, and then in the second mode. However, low power has its advantages: firstly, the RV-UR356 is relatively quiet, and secondly, the battery lasts for almost an hour.

Polaris PVCS 0724

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The stylish Polaris PVCS 0724 outperformed its Russian-Chinese competitor. Polaris chose a xiaomi design for their stick: a white body and a minimum of decorative elements, making the vacuum cleaner look simple and modern at the same time. The assembly raises almost no questions, and the plastic does not emit a strong odor. The package also includes two additional nozzles and a bracket, but it is not necessary to make holes in the wall, because. a latch is provided on the main nozzle — the vacuum cleaner can be left anywhere in the house (where a rabid cat does not run). The main working tool is a universal brush that works effectively with any coatings. But you should not expect miracles on carpets — the suction power is only 45 watts. The maximum that PVCS 0724 is capable of is to collect wool and crumbs from the carpet. But the nozzle has a backlight, which simplifies the search for motes in poorly lit places. The battery lasts for 40 minutes, and it is non-removable, so it will be inconvenient to work in large houses.

Kitfort KT-543

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Another stick of Russian-Chinese origin, but climbing a little higher than REDMOND, because the Kitfort KT-543 has several advantages over its competitor: a dust collector with a “skirt” separates the garbage into two fractions, extending the life of the filters; the main nozzle with illumination — it is easier to see the motes on the floor; the case has a built-in display that shows the battery charge and the selected power. The Kitfort KT-543 also has an unusual 3 in 1 nozzle at its disposal. By installing a fabric insert in it, you can even try to clean the upholstery of the sofa (although it will not be very convenient to do this without corrugations). A bristle brush is inserted into the main nozzle — not the best solution, but copes with its tasks. The suction power of 80 W is enough for surface cleaning of the carpet, and on a smooth floor, Kitfort picks up grits without difficulty. The battery provides up to half an hour of non-stop operation, but if necessary, you can buy an additional battery.



ILIFE G80 is a classic «stick» with a vertical dust collector and a pistol grip. The release key starts the motor, and the slider button switches modes. The selected parameters (as well as service notices) are displayed as indicators on the motor unit. The ILIFE G80 kit is relatively rich: in addition to the usual nozzles, you can find a wall and floor holder in the box, and even a spare HEPA filter. The main nozzle has an LED light to make it easier to vacuum under the bed. But the most important thing is the side whisk, the same as that of the robot vacuum cleaner. With it, the quality and speed of cleaning along the walls increases significantly. You can install a carpet brush (if you need to clean the dog’s bedding) or a soft roller (to collect sand from a smooth floor) in the socket. The declared suction power is 22,000 Pa. The indicator is slightly overestimated, but ILIFE G80 picks up grains and pebbles without problems. The duty cycle can last 45 minutes, but the battery is non-removable, so in large houses you will have to work in two runs.


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TROUVER POWER 11 boasts flawless assembly and good plastic quality, which is rare in the economy segment. The dust collector is horizontal, like in Polaris PVCS 0724, but you don’t need to remove the rod each time — the flask is simply inserted from above. For control, a pistol grip with a key and a large round display with two buttons are used — a regulator and a power lock. You will have to adjust the parameters with the second hand, but the battery charge is displayed as%, which is much more informative than the indicator with an icon. In addition to standard nozzles, the set includes a fashionable furniture brush with hard bristles and a “floating” frame. This brush not only cleans the upholstery, but also removes dust mites from under it. The main working tool is a soft roller, not the best suited for carpets. However, this is offset by high suction power, which reaches 120 watts. Depending on the selected mode, the charge lasts for 10-60 minutes. If you like to vacuum at high power, it makes sense to purchase an additional battery — here they are removable.


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