Today, not all users have heard of such a brand of electric toothbrushes as Nandme. This Chinese enterprise belongs to the Xiaomi ecosystem, and some parts of its production are used in toothbrushes of major brands such as Philips or Xiaomi. In this review, we are going to talk about the latest development of the company’s engineers — Nandme NX-8000.

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Nandme NX8000 photo

Available in two colors — white and black, the set can be 2 or 12 nozzles. In the first case, you will have to pay $ 32.99 for these products, the full set will cost $ 41.99. If the user is going to purchase two of these brushes at once, he will receive an additional 10% discount, when buying three — 15%. Today, the products of this company are one of the cheapest on the world market, although in terms of the functional component and design, these models are in no way inferior to more well-known brands.

Feature Nandme NX8000

The unit is equipped with a fairly capacious rechargeable lithium-ion battery, one charge of which will be enough for 200 days of twice daily use of the brush. The manufacturer did not bypass the ergonomics of the device. It is placed in a streamlined body that fits comfortably in the hand and does not slip out of it. The nozzle is firmly fixed on the connecting rod mechanism — you don’t have to worry that it will fly off during operation and damage the gums or oral cavity.

Nandme NX8000 pressure

In the middle is an LED pressure indicator. If the user presses too hard on the brush during brushing, it will glow yellow. The blue light will tell you when you need to replace the nozzle. The battery is charged using a fairly simple docking station. It is an elementary induction charging, the power of which is 3 W, the waterproofness of the case complies with the IPX7 standard, respectively, it is not afraid of getting even a large amount of moisture.

The build quality is at a very high level — the elements of the case do not creak, although they fit very tightly to each other. The surface of the brush has a matte coating, which will not show any kind of dirt and fingerprints.

Waterproof brush Nandme NX8000about

Depending on the selected mode, the brush can work either stably or in pulses. The model is very gentle on the gums — even during the first use, there is no pain or discomfort. Medium-hard bristles gently remove dirt from the enamel, and do it quickly enough. Thanks to this solution, the teeth become much whiter just a week after regular use of the brush. Sensitive mode is perfect for weak gums, strengthens them, prevents bleeding.

The cleaning process is very comfortable. The brush is equipped with a built-in timer for two minutes, besides, every 30 seconds the work will be interrupted for a fraction of a second, letting the user know that the working area should be changed. We definitely recommend this toothbrush for purchase, especially since it can be purchased at a better price as part of the current Black Friday discount promotion.

Buy by good price Nandme NX-8000 using the promo code VZKON3 and get a $3 discount!


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