Many of us have experienced such an unpleasant phenomenon as mold on the walls. It is a pathogenic microscopic fungus that can cause significant harm not only to interior items, but also to human health. Rooms with mold become quite dangerous for living due to the fact that their air contains spores of microorganisms, when inhaled, they enter the lungs of a person. There they settle, which often leads to respiratory tract infections.

If such spores regularly enter the human body, this can ultimately lead to a sharp weakening of immunity, the development of asthma, the occurrence of asthma attacks, and so on. Mold can multiply not only on walls, but also on furniture, for example, on carpets, upholstered and cabinet furniture, and so on.

Fighting such a fungus is not as easy as it might seem at first glance. However, the modern development of the chemical industry makes it possible to greatly facilitate and simplify this work. Unfortunately, not all people know how to choose the right connections. It is for this reason that the experts of our editorial team decided to develop a rating of the best anti-mold products on the walls. In it, we will tell you in as much detail as possible about the key characteristics of the compositions most popular among consumers, as well as give some useful tips that will surely help you choose the best products, with whose help you can permanently get rid of mold.

How to choose the right anti-mold agent on the walls in 2022?

The appearance of a fungus on the walls is a very unpleasant phenomenon that can spoil even very expensive repairs in an apartment. It is very important to identify and isolate the source of mold occurrence and spread in a timely manner — in this case, it will be much easier to deal with such defects. A number of signs testify to its occurrence. In particular, grey, black or dark green dots may appear on the walls or ceiling of the room. An unpleasant and damp smell appears in the room, wallpaper, paint, and plaster often begin to peel off.

If a person is in a room whose walls are affected by mold, then often there is a deterioration in well-being, for example, headaches occur, concentration of attention decreases, which leads to rapid fatigue. It is necessary to fight mold in a complex way — it is important not only to remove the fungus itself, but also to get rid of the cause of its appearance, otherwise it will occur again and again. It should be noted that temperature and humidity are far from the only causes of moldy areas.

For example, a fungus can occur if there is insufficient ventilation in the room or it is completely absent. It usually forms in places where there is stagnation of air. At the same time, almost all building and finishing materials can be affected by mold, and even such durable ones as concrete.

Most of the products for fighting mold on the walls contain fungicides. These are special compounds of a chemical or biological nature that do not allow fungi to develop. They are often added to building compositions and mixtures, or they are released separately. There are two groups of such materials — primers for maintenance work and concentrated formulations for getting rid of mold.

Antifungal primers are applied before finishing, which allows you to greatly strengthen the base, increase adhesion, reduce the porosity of the base, and so on. Anti-mold concentrates penetrate deep into the structure of materials and destroy mold, lichen and moss there. They are characterized by a long-lasting effect, do not allow the recurrence of mold.

When we chose products to include in our ranking of the best mold repellents on walls, we took into account all the points that we talked about a little earlier. However, we took into account some other points, such as value for money, as well as user reviews. We tried to include far from the most expensive compositions in the review, so that each of our readers can choose the best products for themselves without compromising their own budget.

Rating of the best remedies for mold on the walls

10. Unicum


Despite the fact that these domestic products belong to a very budgetary price range, they are characterized by high efficiency rates, and besides, they are very convenient to use. Despite the fact that this composition is produced at Russian enterprises, it was developed by Israeli specialists. In the process of creation, they used only the latest technologies and the most modern achievements of the chemical industry.

Products are available in the form of a spray, which is perfect for cleaning any surface, regardless of the purpose of the room. In particular, it can be applied even in the bathroom on tile joints. The key active ingredient here is sodium hypochlorite. To ensure a positive effect, this agent is applied to the surface for only one minute, after which the stains are removed with a soft cloth.


  • Acceptable cost;
  • Only modern technologies and materials are used in the production process;
  • Prevents mold from spreading further.


  • One minute is not enough to remove mold — it is advisable to leave the product for 7-10 minutes.

Unicum Mold Remedy

9. Belinka


It is characterized by an extended spectrum of action. In particular, this drug is able to cope with a variety of types of fungi and mold. The manufacturer notes that such products are allowed to be used, including in rooms with a high level of humidity. With the help of this composition, you can quickly cope with mold on walls, ceilings, floors, attics and even plinths.

Manufacturers have developed a composition to work mainly on concrete and plaster surfaces. The composition does not provide bleaching materials, which allows the use of products on multi-colored surfaces. It is not recommended to use the solution in its pure form — it is advisable to dilute the concentrate with water in a ratio of 1 to 4. You can either apply it with a brush to the surface or spray it with a spray gun. The main thing is that the ambient temperature is not lower than +5 degrees.


  • A concentrated product is enough for a large area;
  • The composition does not contain bleaching components;
  • Easy to apply to any surface.


  • A composition was developed for concrete and gypsum surfaces — on wooden bases it shows its antifungal characteristics less.

Remedy for mold Belinka

8. Neomid Bio Repair

Neomid Bio Repair

This production is characterized by an optimum ratio of the price and quality. The spray is by far one of the best disinfectant formulations designed to prevent and combat mold and mildew indoors. The formula contains only components that are safe for human health, which makes the products even more popular. The tool is used not only during repairs, but also during the construction process in order to prevent the occurrence of pollution.

In order to cope with the affected area, the composition is available in two forms — concentrated and ready to use. The first will be in place if a very complex case is observed or a significant area is affected. It is desirable to carry out work in the temperature range from +5 to +15 degrees. The treated surface should be left for about two hours, after which the mold is carefully removed with a scraper.


  • The optimum ratio of price and quality;
  • Available in finished or concentrated form;
  • It can be used both during renovation and during construction.


  • It can be problematic to observe the temperature regime of application.

Mold Remedy Neomid Bio Repair

7. Bagi


Most of the products that ended up in our rating of mold on walls are universal formulations, and this formula cannot be made an exception either. Israeli-made products are developed on the basis of sodium hypochlorite, which allows you to carefully, but quite effectively fight mold and fungus on walls, windows, seams made of silicone or cement. In addition, the composition will gently remove the fungus from the surface of the shower, bath, sink or pool.

Processing is also a preventive measure — you do not have to re-process for a long time. The spray begins to act approximately two minutes after application. Wash it off with water, you don’t even have to use a sponge. One bottle of the product is enough for a long time, because after spraying the liquid turns into a thick foam, which is also able to get rid of grease stains.


  • Universal composition;
  • Effectively fights a wide variety of fungal manifestations;
  • Does not stain surfaces;
  • Able to cope even with fatty stains;
  • It is a prophylactic.


  • The price is above average;
  • The composition is characterized by a sharp and unpleasant odor.

Mold Remedy Bagi

6. Olymp-stop mold

Olymp-stop mold

Initially, this product was developed specifically for rooms in which there is high humidity. The composition is able to effectively deal with any manifestations of mold that occur on materials of a very different nature — wood, tiles, stone, brick, plaster, concrete, and so on. It can be used in basements, on roofs or on facades. The products provide additional protection to building and finishing materials, do not allow their destruction.

The composition does not provide for various kinds of volatile formations, which makes the products absolutely safe for human health and pets. This color does not affect the color of the surface in any way, however, the products are able to provide a very long-term protection of materials from mold, lichen, moss and fungi. Before use, the surface should be dedusted and cleaned of fungal deposits, check whether the old paint or putty peels off.


  • Great for any building and finishing materials;
  • Can be applied in a variety of ways;
  • The layer dries in a very short time.


  • A whole range of preparatory work is required.

Remedy for mold Olymp-stop mold



One of the most expensive products for fighting mold on walls, but the products are characterized by a high level of effectiveness. This composition was developed by German specialists with the involvement of experienced builders. The products are versatile and can be used in areas with high humidity. The composition does not in any way affect the quality of building and finishing materials, so the manufacturer allows it to be applied to decorative objects.

Often the tool is used as a preventive measure during construction and finishing work. This helps to prevent the occurrence of pollution on the walls in the future. It is sold in a spray bottle, however, before starting work, it is necessary to wear goggles and gloves to prevent direct contact between the skin and the composition. After spraying, the surface is left for three days, after which the composition does not need to be washed off, and if traces of contamination still remain, the procedure will need to be repeated.


  • A highly versatile product;
  • Does not need rinsing;
  • Effectively fights against any kind of fungus and mold.


  • High price.

Anti-mold AMSS

4. Fongifluid Alpa

Fongifluid Alpa

The formula contains a whole complex of fungicides that enhance each other’s action in the process of fighting mold and fungal growths. Users claim that the tool is very convenient in terms of use, since it is implemented in a completely finished form, no additional preparatory operations are required.

The manufacturer allows this spray to be applied to surfaces of any quality and texture. In addition, in order to increase the effectiveness of the impact on moldy formations, it is desirable to smooth out roughness and irregularities — in this case, it will be possible to increase the contact area. The tool will take care of any surfaces, it does not leave streaks and does not change color.


  • Insignificant consumption of the drug;
  • Can be used as a prophylactic
  • If the lesion is severe, then the composition is applied again.


  • It should be left to dry completely for about 4-6 days.

Anti-mold remedy Fongifluid Alpa



In third place in our ranking of the best anti-mold products on the walls is Dutch-made products. With its help, it will be possible to quickly cope with fungus and mold in any place, including areas with high humidity — in basements, kitchens, bathrooms, garages and so on. It actively fights gray, green and black spots. The volume of the bottle can be 0.5 or 0.65 liters.

On sale you can find this product in the form of a thick foam, which will be very useful for dealing with the most difficult stains. There is no fragrance in the composition, mold is removed due to the presence of chlorine bleaches in the formula. In order for the compositions to begin to act, it is enough to wait 10 minutes.


  • Long shelf life — as much as 7 years;
  • One bottle is enough for several applications;
  • Available as a spray or foam;
  • Copes with mold quickly, does not leave streaks behind;
  • There is no foreign smell.


  • Quite expensive.

Mold remover HG

2. Dali


The composition of this antiseptic does not contain chlorine or its derivatives, which makes the products absolutely safe for the human body, even if you need to work with this drug in a closed room without ventilation. Users note that this is the best universal type preparation for getting rid of moss, fungus or mold. It is suitable for working with brick, wood, concrete or plasterboard surfaces.

There is no need to remove the plaster before applying the composition. The composition has a high penetrating power, so it will easily seep through it. The preparation is designed for both internal and external work. The manufacturer recommends treating the surface with it before painting. The product is quickly absorbed, retains the original characteristics of the materials. It is desirable to treat dry surfaces, and they do it in different ways — by spraying, brushing, roller. The ambient temperature must be at least +5 degrees.


  • Absolutely safe products for human health;
  • It is absorbed into the surface almost instantly;
  • The characteristics of building and finishing materials are preserved in their original form;
  • The composition is able to seep through the plaster.


  • Not too long shelf life — only 24 months.

Dali mold remover

1. Cilli Bang

Cillit Bang

One of the most popular such cleaners today, which is designed for walls, kitchens and plumbing. This type of spray was developed specifically to combat mold and mildew. Once applied to the base, the product turns into a foam that very carefully and carefully removes even the oldest stains. The composition is an antibacterial product, the function of the active components in it is performed only by compounds containing chlorine.

The volume of the spray bottle is 750 ml — it will last for quite a long time. Very effective against mold on various surfaces. The products are suitable for most building and finishing materials.


  • Lasts quite a long time;
  • It is found in almost every household chemical store;
  • Suitable for most building materials;
  • Long period of operation;
  • Qualitatively copes with mold and fungi.


  • The manufacturer does not recommend the use of this product on carpets, marble, wood or granite surfaces.

Mold Remedy Cillit BANG

In conclusion, a useful video

So our review of the best mold repellents on the walls has come to an end. We hope that among the variety of products presented, you have managed to choose the best product for yourself, which will help you cope with the problem in the shortest possible time. If certain questions still remain, then you can ask us at any time in the comments to this article. Our experts will quickly collect the information of interest and provide it to you.


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