The roof in the house is one of the key structures. It protects living quarters from precipitation, allows you to save heat. Today, the choice of roofing materials is quite large, so an inexperienced home master can easily get confused in it and purchase far from the best option.

In the past few years, soft tiles, which are the latest generation building material, are gaining more and more popularity. Many builders prefer it for a number of reasons — it weighs a little, is made of durable polymer-type materials, and has an attractive appearance. We decided to rank the best soft tiles of the year. In this article, we will try to tell you as much as possible about the most popular products of this type, as well as give some useful tips that will surely help you when buying this material.

How to choose the right soft tiles in 2022?

First of all, I would like to say that the flexible tile is a multilayer polymer material that can withstand significant physical and thermal loads. Fiberglass or organic cellulose is used as the basis here (this is quite rare). Fiberglass fibers are made from molten glass of inorganic type, they are connected to each other with the help of special additives. The result is a dense and reliable material that is not sensitive to moisture, sudden temperature changes and other harmful environmental factors.

A layer of bitumen with polymer additives added to it gives the roof additional flexibility and strength. The decorative outer layer of soft tiles is made on the basis of basalt granulates, silicon chips or slate. With its help, products acquire a certain color and additional decorative qualities. Experienced builders recommend giving preference to basalt — the particles of this substance fit as tightly as possible to each other and are well attached to the base. Slate is slightly worse, as it absorbs various oils contained in bitumen, which leads to discoloration over time.

Installation of soft tiles does not require any special knowledge or skills. This material is perfect for forming a roof of complex shape, and the amount of waste is minimal. The products provide perfect heat and sound insulation — even during heavy rain, the house will be quiet, besides, the tile helps to maintain an ideal microclimate in the house. It does not conduct electricity through itself, so even when covering tall buildings there is no need for lightning rod equipment.

When buying, you need to make sure that the tile is flexible, it should not have an extraneous smell of bitumen. Be sure to check the quality of the outer coating — it should not crumble. If there is a self-adhesive base, then it will be very useful during installation. When we chose products to include in our rating of the best soft tiles, we were based mainly on all those points that we analyzed earlier. However, a number of other factors were also taken into account — the ratio of price and quality (it’s no secret that shingles are very expensive building materials), as well as user reviews. We have tried to the best of our ability to compile an overview of the most affordable products so that our readers can find high-quality and not very expensive products for their home.

The ten best soft tile manufacturers in 2022


RUFLEX photo

The products of this domestic enterprise have been on the market for about 30 years. The quality of the materials produced during all this time is at the highest level. The assortment is very wide, the tile is produced on the most modern equipment, and it fully complies with all the latest European standards. The basis here is specially modified bitumen, which, in combination with high-strength fiberglass, allows for optimal performance and a long service life.

All raw materials for manufacturing are supplied exclusively by trusted suppliers. The bottom side is self-adhesive, and it is able to adhere tightly to any kind of surface, from wood to metal and even concrete. On sale you can find collections stylized as old Russian wooden shingles, which will give the building additional charm and individuality.


  • Products have been presented on the Russian market for a long time;
  • The self-adhesive base is able to connect to any surface;
  • Best suited for both the South and the North due to SBS rubber bitumen;
  • Service life up to 50 years;
  • The structure acquires additional attractiveness — unique shapes and colors.


  • Not everywhere you can buy.

Flexible tile RUFLEX



This is already a Finnish version — this country has a rather harsh climate, so this building material is designed specifically for low temperatures. In particular, it will retain its original dimensions regardless of weather conditions. Tiles have been on the European and world market for over 70 years. Absolutely all products have an international quality certificate ISO 9001, which confirms the environmental friendliness of the material. The range of roofing is very wide, in addition, waterproofing materials can be purchased additionally. The tile is produced on the basis of SBS-modified bitumen. It perfectly withstands any physical activity, including ice, a high layer of snow.

Fiberglass is characterized by a decent level of rigidity, so the tiles retain their original dimensions throughout the entire period of operation. The top layer is made on the basis of natural basalt chips. With its help, it is possible to provide an attractive appearance of the roof and additionally protect it from the negative effects of precipitation. There are a lot of textures and colors, and the material is able to serve faithfully for at least 50 years.


  • Absolutely environmentally friendly product;
  • Easily withstands temperature changes and other physical exertion;
  • Looks good;
  • Long period of operation.


  • High price.

Flexible tile Katepal



This is a real leader among domestic enterprises engaged in the production of soft tiles. The company guarantees its products for 60 years. The company takes a very responsible approach to the choice of raw materials, the most strict control is exercised at all stages of production. In many respects, due to this approach, it was possible to achieve perfect compliance with all international quality standards.

The operational characteristics are such that the tile can be used in any climatic conditions. It is able to provide an optimal microclimate in the house, excellently resists the effects of ultraviolet rays, calmly withstands even severe temperature changes, is not sensitive to decay and the occurrence of corrosion processes and fungus. The assortment includes 6 collections, and some of them allow for a three-dimensional effect and three-dimensional texture.


  • Not sensitive to high temperatures;
  • Retains its original appearance throughout the entire service life;
  • Good level of noise and waterproofing;
  • Very long warranty period.


  • Tiles can vary greatly in color from batch to batch.



Kerabit photo

Once again, you have a Finnish-made product, and the factory is located in Helsinki, the capital of Finland. Tiles have been manufactured for over 40 years. During this time, the company’s engineers improved both the production technology and the assortment. As a result, today these are high-quality products, which are distinguished by many original, and sometimes even unique solutions.

Among the collections you can find options that cannot be found from other manufacturers. In particular, there are green tiles with live grass, which gives the structure an additional interest. The product has a high concentration of bitumen, so it will remain elastic regardless of the operating temperature. The outer side is covered with a special polymeric material that prevents delamination, fading, accumulation of dust and other contaminants.


  • The service life is about 40 years;
  • Lots of designs;
  • Remains elastic even at extremely low temperatures.


  • There is no adhesive backing.

Flexible tile Kerabit

6. Dock PIE

Dock PIE photo

Such a soft roof was developed specifically for construction work, regardless of climatic conditions. The tile has an increased level of thermal insulation, so the house will be more energy efficient. The adhesive base is able to adhere securely to the roof, regardless of its configuration.

The products have European quality certificates and have been supplied to various countries for a long time. Before launching raw materials into production, the company makes a thorough analysis to prevent the occurrence of defects.


  • Serves for a long time, regardless of climatic conditions;
  • The warranty period is 50 years;
  • Well maintains any static and dynamic loadings.


  • Not as common in stores as we would like, because the lion’s share of products is exported.

Shingles Docke PIE

5. Icopal (BMI)

Icopal (BMI) photo

The Swedish company is a pioneer in the production of soft tiles. It was the engineers of this company who first developed the appropriate formula and came up with a multi-layer configuration of the roofing material. Roofing, made using this technology, appeared on the market in the nineteenth century. Over time, the company continued to occupy a leading position in its niche.

All raw materials and, as a result, finished products comply with current international environmental safety requirements. The structure of the tile is multi-layered, polymeric — it easily withstands any load, retains its original appearance even under prolonged exposure to ultraviolet rays.


  • Environmentally friendly product;
  • Tolerates temperature changes;
  • Able to be under precipitation at least all year round;
  • Keeps original appearance during all service life.


  • Not all collections from this manufacturer are represented in our country.

Flexible tile Icopal (BMI)



Since the beginning of the 1990s, the products of this company have been one of the world’s leading manufacturers of soft tiles. Production facilities are located in many states, including our country. All factories have only the most modern and high-precision equipment, where roofing and waterproofing materials are produced, which have original qualities.

In the assortment of this manufacturer there are a significant number of options with which you can achieve a unique design of roofs of various shapes, from flat to pitched or the most complex shape. Particular attention should be paid to photovoltaic soft tiles, which in their qualities combine the properties of a coating based on bitumen and solar panels, it also has the function of self-cleaning.


  • Large selection of colors and design solutions;
  • Does not require special care;
  • There are products that combine the qualities of a roof and solar panels.


  • It’s not easy to find for sale.

Flexible tile TEGOLA


BRAI photo

The soft tile is made in Italy, so it is not designed for extremely low temperatures. The product perfectly resists the effects of ultraviolet rays, retains its elasticity and strength for a long time. Among the collections there is a unique roofing material, which has a copper coating.

Thanks to this approach, the tiles will gradually change their color from dark brown to dark green. It happens so slowly that it doesn’t even catch your eye. Fiberglass allows products to retain their original shape for a long time. The composition is absolutely environmentally friendly — tiles will not emit harmful or toxic substances into the environment.


  • The basis is a special waterproof and soundproof membrane;
  • Good resistance to the negative effects of ultraviolet rays;
  • Has a high degree of strength;
  • Long period of operation.


  • Unable to withstand extremely low temperatures.

Flexible tile BRAI



The company engaged in the production of tiles of this brand has a closed cycle. In other words, it manufactures raw materials for the manufacture of its products, and is also equipped with special equipment that allows you to make high-quality tiles at an acceptable cost.

In the manufacturing process, only oxidized bitumen is used. It retains its original characteristics for several decades without loss of performance. The company offers an original system of warranty service: if the tile breaks down, the company reimburses not only the cost of the material, but also the costs associated with the installation of the coating.


  • The company manufactures tiles from its own raw materials;
  • Unique guarantee system;
  • The production involves oxidized bitumen;
  • Environmentally friendly tiles.


  • The minimum temperature threshold is -10 degrees.

Flexible tile IKO

1 CertainTeed

CertainTeed photo

In the first place of our review of the best soft tiles is the products of an American company that produces not only roofing materials, but also a full range of related accessories. With their help, it is possible to ensure perfect sealing of the roof, regardless of its configuration. The production process is based on the most modern equipment. One of the flagship of the company is a multi-layer laminated tile, which is capable of maintaining its original appearance throughout the entire service life.

The roof is based on a special oxidized bitumen of increased strength. When applying the finish coating, copper-coated basalt granules are used. The latter helps to prevent the formation of fungus and mold. All tiles are well resistant to wind, snow and other physical stress.


  • Lifetime warranty;
  • Acceptable cost;
  • Produced from the highest quality materials;
  • In assortment there is a laminated tile.


  • It is quite expensive;
  • It is found in stores irregularly.

CertainTeed Shingles

In conclusion, a useful video

So our review of the best soft tiles presented on the domestic market in 2022 has come to an end. If you still have certain questions or want to share your experience with this roofing material with other readers, then comments on this article are at your complete disposal.


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