The quality of tap water leaves much to be desired, so it is undesirable to eat it, it must be subjected to additional purification. Water coming from the tap often has an extraneous taste and smell — this can greatly spoil the dish, and it can be completely disgusting to drink it. Largely for this reason, many people install special filters under the sink that remove additional impurities from the water that spoil its quality.

They remove harmful substances from water, including heavy metals, chlorine, large impurities such as squeak. These designs are installed directly into the kitchen sink, due to which clean water will be obtained instantly, unlike pitcher-type filters.

What are the criteria for choosing a flow filter for washing?

Before deciding on the purchase of a filter element, it is necessary to find out the chemical composition of the water flowing from the tap. Due to this, it will be possible to choose products that will purify water very effectively. For example, if tap water is too hard, then a filter equipped with a membrane is best suited — the so-called reverse osmosis, which is quite expensive. It is necessary to purify hard water if people with kidney diseases live in the apartment. For less hard water, an ion exchange filter will suffice.

When purchasing a filter for washing, in addition to the cost, you should pay attention to a number of other components — the cleaning technology and whether it has a softener:

  • Membrane filtration is able to completely purify tap water from bacteria and viruses. Only pure water, devoid of any impurities, will seep through such a filter. However, there is a certain minus here — along with bacteria, useful minerals are also removed, so such water will not bring any harm or benefit. To cope with this problem can install a filter with a built-in mineralizer;
  • To purify hard water from heavy metals, only ion exchange is used in budget filter systems. It will purify water quite acceptable, although not as fine as reverse osmosis.

The water softener is one of the most useful features that reduces the proportion of calcium and magnesium salts, respectively, this will reduce the formation of scale in the kettle. Another important addition will be carbon filtration, which helps to absorb chlorine, phenol, benzene, toluene, various kinds of petroleum products and pesticides that may be contained in water. Such a function is quite simple and is found even in the cheapest designs.

We tried to compile the most detailed rating of flow-type water filters, and we were based not only on the recommendations of specialists, but also on popularity according to user reviews. A very important role in the formation of our top 12 rating was played by the ratio of price and quality of products. We hope that the review will be quite useful.

The best water filter models in 2022

12. Crystal Eco H four-stage

Crystal Eco H four-stage

This model is distinguished by excellent purification of hard tap water from a wide variety of impurities, it is also able to disinfect the liquid, ridding it of pathogens. The filtration system removes chlorine, metals and other impurities. The speed of operation for such a device is high — its productivity is 2.5 liters of water per minute. The kit includes everything you need for proper installation and comfortable operation. The case is placed directly under the kitchen sink, and a small tap is displayed on its surface, through which clean water will pour out. The resource of the main filter element is decent, so the cartridges will not need to be changed too often. In particular, its capabilities are enough to fully clean 6 cubic meters of liquid.

The device is equipped with a system of quick-release cartridges, so it is very easy to change them: all you need to do is turn off the water, press a special button, turn the element a quarter of a turn and remove it, replacing it with a fresh one. Three of the four cartridges available in this design contain crushed charcoal and a special patented Aqualen fiber. It is thanks to him that the cleaning will be as fine as possible.


  • Detains practically all pathogenic microorganisms;
  • Qualitatively softens water, removes metals and salts from it;
  • Good workmanship — plastic is reliable, all connections are tight;
  • Attractive design of the faucet that is installed on the sink;
  • The filter is very easy to maintain;
  • Increased resource of cartridges — they will have to be changed quite rarely.


  • Four modules require quite a lot of free space under the sink.

Crystal Eco H four-stage

11. Geyser Prestige PM

Geyser Prestige PM photo

This model is a fairly original design with a high pressure pump. Osmosis has three stages of water purification. At the first stage, the water flow passes through a special cartridge made of expanded polypropylene with a cell size of 5 microns. It will trap any insoluble particles in the water. At the second stage, water enters the carbon block, produced from coconut activated carbon, which neutralizes chlorine compounds and organic substances harmful to the human body. It improves the taste and smell of water. In the third stage, the water passes through a CBC cartridge, also made from pressed carbon carbon, which removes chlorine and other chemicals from the water.

A storage tank with a capacity of 12 liters is provided, which allows you to always have a small supply of clean water. The design has a mineralizer that restores the most suitable chemical composition of moisture for the human body.


  • Excellent water quality;
  • The presence of a small reservoir;
  • filter reliability.


  • The filter cover is not very reliable — there is a possibility of flooding;
  • Due to the small size of the filters, they become clogged within a matter of weeks;
  • The body of the membrane is also not very durable.

Geyser Prestige PM

10. Atoll A-550 STD

Atoll A-550 STD photo

This model is of excellent workmanship — it has a durable and dense plastic case, equipped with several stiffening ribs, which make the design quite reliable. Immediately after connecting this filter, water can be consumed, it will not have foreign odors and tastes. Looks attractive enough. Ball valve, rotates smoothly and softly.

The first stage of cleaning is located immediately at the water inlet. The cartridge here is quite dense, hard. In the second stage, the water passes through the carbon segment, which can be replaced if necessary. Water enters here through a special distributor, which ensures its uniform seepage. One such cartridge is quite enough to completely rid about 19 tons of water from chlorine. At the third stage there is a cartridge that prevents chemical residues from entering the faucet, it is quite rigid, so there is no possibility of its deformation during use.


  • Allows you to get a large amount of clean water per unit of time;
  • Standard shape with reinforced body;
  • Ceramic ball valve, durable.


  • High price;
  • Not available in all stores;
  • Overall design, will not fit under every sink.

Atoll A-550 STD

9. Barrier EXPERT Standard

Barrier EXPERT Standard photo

This is one of the best household filters produced using osmosis technology. Perfect for cleaning tap water from any mechanical impurities and chemicals. It uses multi-stage filtration technology, which has proven itself in many similar designs. This system has three main modules: mechanical purification of water from various contaminants, with its help it is possible to get rid of sand, rust and other large and small particles. The second module saturates the water with useful ions, removes chlorine, lead and copper compounds from it. The third uses PostCarbon, which removes organic matter from the composition.

Such a filter can be installed both under the sink and directly on it. Everything you need to get started is included, no additional purchases required. It can be used around the clock. The connection is quite simple — anyone can handle it. In order for the filter to start working fully, the first ten liters of water must be drained, only after that it can be used for its intended purpose. All cartridges are replaceable, as they get dirty they will have to be changed.


  • Easy to change consumables
  • For a filter of this type, the cost is quite acceptable.;
  • A beautiful appearance that allows you to use this design, including at the sink.


  • The condition of the filter elements should be monitored very carefully, otherwise there will be a very high proportion of contaminants in the water passing through them;
  • Sometimes it does not cope with its task, keeping the water hardness at the same level.

Barrier EXPERT Standard

8. Geyser Nanotek

Geyser Nanotek photo

This is one of the best osmosis filters designed for installation under the sink. It takes up quite a lot of free usable space due to the presence of a capacious water tank with a volume of about 20 liters. This model qualitatively filters water due to a five-stage purification system, designed for direct connection to the water supply. With its help, you can significantly reduce the concentration of iron, reduce hardness and completely get rid of chlorine.

A smart system lets in useful minerals and retains those that can have a harmful effect on the human body. If you use this system correctly and change cartridges as needed, you will be able to drink absolutely clean water for a long time without any toxic impurities. The performance of the design is about one and a half liters per minute, which is quite enough for cooking.


  • Very soft water without impurities;
  • Pretty good assembly of the whole structure, reliable protection against any leaks;
  • Connecting is pretty easy.


  • Most likely you will have to purchase a pressure gauge to measure the water pressure in the water supply system (if it is below three atmospheres, the filter simply cannot function);
  • High price;
  • It’s not easy to find replacement cartridges.

Geyser Nanotek

7. Aquaphor Crystal Eco

Aquaphor Crystal Eco photo

This design is very easy to install, the installation method is no different from connecting an ordinary kitchen faucet. However, you will have to be quite careful here, as the connecting pipes leading to and from the manifold block must be connected in the correct position. Be sure to remove the filter cover. After connecting all the modules, they will have to be washed with tap water for some time so that all filter elements begin to function normally. This design belongs to ionic cleaning systems, does not take up much space under the sink, copes well with both mechanical and chemical pollution.

If necessary, you can install an additional water softening module, but it will have to be purchased separately. The manufacturer recommends changing the filter cartridges about once a year, and the softening element even more often, about every seven to eight months. The design can be attributed to the universal, since there are quite a few types of filter elements.


  • Three standard modules included, you can install additional elements;
  • The body of all filters is plastic, equipped with stiffeners;
  • Very easy to install and operate.


  • As the cartridge wears out, the taste of the water may change;
  • Gradually, the filters become clogged, due to which the yield of filtered water decreases;
  • The locking mechanism in the faucet may leak, which can damage the sink.

Aquaphor Crystal Eco

6. Aquaphor DWM-101S Morion

Aquaphor DWM-101S Morion

The model has an extended package — it has everything you need to immediately install such a filter and start using it. You don’t have to purchase anything extra. All components in the package are located quite tightly, well packed, so you don’t have to worry that any part will be damaged during transportation. The filter is a very compact reverse osmosis system. If we compare products with traditional reverse osmosis filters, then it has much smaller overall dimensions. This allows you to install the device even under a small sink. It does not discharge too much water into the drain. This is due to the general arrangement of the storage tank filling system in this device.

The developers have carefully considered this design, taking into account the pressure process. The filter can work stably even under low pressure. Similar models need a water pressure in the system of 3.5 atmospheres, this device will produce a powerful jet even at 2 atmospheres. As the main filtering material, natural classic cases are used here. It not only purifies water, but also fills it with minerals useful for the human body. The filter is completed with the crane which is established on a sink surface. It looks quite attractive and modern. It is made not from the usual aluminum, but from brass. Its shape is quite suitable for most modern sinks. All elements of this filter are tightly fitted to each other at the production stage, so the user will not have to worry that the device will suddenly start to leak somewhere.


  • Compact overall dimensions;
  • Very easy to mount under the sink;
  • High quality cleaning, mineralization with useful substances;
  • Easy to change consumables;
  • Cartridges are not very expensive;
  • The kit contains everything you need to install the device;
  • A decent amount of storage tank;
  • Able to work with low water pressure in the system.


  • Fairly high cost.

Aquaphor DWM-101S Morion

5. EXPERT Hard Barrier

Barrier EXPERT Hard photo

This model rightfully ranks fourth in our roundup of the best water filters this year. We put it in third place largely due to the finest mechanical cleaning among other models — filters remove particles as small as 5 microns from water. In the process of manufacturing the structure, a special Smart Lock technology was used, which allows the filter to remain in place even under strong water pressure. In addition, the byPass method is used, which can significantly extend the life of the filter element — it will have to be changed less often, and besides, it will be a good prevention for softening the passing water too much. This filter is designed exclusively for central water supply.

The filter comes with everything you need for proper installation. The maximum output can reach 2 liters per minute. Moreover, due to the tap at the inlet to the filter, this figure can be reduced. The resource of one cartridge is 10 thousand liters, after which it will need to be changed. The maximum inlet pressure should be no more than 7 atmospheres.


  • Long service life of cartridges;
  • Cartridges are very easy to change;
  • Very well softens and purifies water;
  • Water becomes tasty and harmless to health.


  • The resource of the cartridge is lower compared to the one declared by the manufacturer;
  • The ball valve at the inlet to the filter is not reliable.

Barrier EXPERT Hard

4. New Water Expert Osmos MO530

New Water Expert Osmos MO530 photo

This model is one of the newest on the market today. It belongs to the premium class, which is why it is quite expensive. Its useful qualities are at a very high level — with the help of this filter, you can get rid of 99.9% of harmful impurities. The design easily eliminates particles as small as 5 microns, removes organic compounds, pesticides, herbicides and other harmful compounds.

Here, four types of cartridges are used for cleaning at once — a standard one designed for mechanical cleaning, which rids water of suspensions of various substances. Next is the charcoal filter, which is made from activated coconut charcoal. At the next stage, a reverse osmosis membrane made in Japan is located, it is much more effective than similar parts in the models presented above. After it, there is another carbon filter, which contains activated carbon in granules, as well as minerals that enrich the water with useful microelements and minerals. Filter elements are durable — they can last about 2-3 years without the need for replacement.


  • For a reverse osmosis system, it takes up really little space;
  • High build quality;
  • Durability;
  • Long cartridge life.


New Water Expert Osmos MO530

3. Geyser ECO

Geyser ECO photo

This is the most productive filter among all the models presented in our review, besides, it does not take up too much space under the sink and does not need complex installation and frequent replacement of the cartridge. With all its positive qualities, it is not too expensive. With its help, you can completely rid the water of chlorine, various oil derivatives and a number of other toxic and simply harmful impurities.

Despite the high performance in terms of water filtration, it is not too expensive. It has the latest modification of the Aragon 3 ECO cartridge. With its help, mechanical and sorption purification of water is provided, it is also enriched with ions. Filter replacement is rarely required.


  • Compact overall dimensions — can even fit under a small sink;
  • Perfectly purifies water;
  • The cartridge is enough for 4-5 tons of water;
  • Easy to install.


  • Not detected.

Geyser ECO

2. SENDO Aqua A7

SENDO Aqua A7 photo

This is a reverse osmosis water filtration system. Reverse osmosis is similar in principle to a superfine sieve that does not allow anything larger than water molecules to pass through. That is, all bacteria, viruses and other elements are sent to the sewer. Of course, before reverse osmosis, the water goes through several stages of coarse purification, which can increase the life of the reverse osmosis membrane and speed up the filtration process.

After complete purification, the water passes the final stage — the stage of mineralization. Color is removed here, the water is enriched with useful substances and acquires a milder taste. The degree of water purification reaches 98%. If the liquid that has passed through the filter is boiled, then scale will not form on the walls of the kettle.

The kit also comes with a storage tank with a volume of 7.8 liters. The manufacturer recommends changing cartridges once a year. Of the minuses, we note that the system does not have an indication of the cartridge resource. But this drawback can be eliminated if you buy a simple TDS meter that will allow you to control the degree of water purification at the outlet.

Important! The life of the cartridges can be extended if you use the membrane flushing option — although even without this their life is impressive.

We also note that the filter has a very simple replacement of cartridges. You can service the filter without tools and in just 10 minutes, just follow the instructions.

Buy reverse osmosis filter for sink SENDO Aqua A7 at a good price can be on OZONE!


  • High quality water purification;
  • Easy system maintenance;
  • The kit includes a storage tank;
  • Function of washing of a membrane is provided;
  • There is additional mineralization.


  • In the system, the minimum water pressure must be at least 2 atmospheres.



Water filter Icarus

The IKAR filter is today recognized as the best filter for water purification. It produces top quality water. This filter not only purifies water in the best possible way, but also improves its performance. The output is mineralized «living» water with a negative ORP. The IKAR filter consists of two main components: a reverse osmosis filter (premium — 5 stages of filtration), an IKAR module (ionizer and water mineralizer). It is possible to additionally connect the IKAR ph-reactor to the installation, which increases the pH. The operation of the installation is automated and has a microprocessor-based control and monitoring unit for water parameters and the quality of its purification.

The IKAR filter is installed under the sink in the kitchen. Despite the high cost of the installation compared to other filters, the cost of water, which is comparable to water from Lake Baikal in terms of its characteristics, is 2 r. per litre. The filters have been mass-produced for sale since 1997. The unit has received several prestigious international awards. The largest official dealer of IKAR water treatment plants — home-spring.rf (delivery in Russia is free, installation service).

The only household water filter for washing, awarded high international and Russian awards for the production of drinking water of the highest quality!


TOP 12 best water filters for washing TOP 12 best water filters for washing TOP 12 best water filters for washing TOP 12 best water filters for washing TOP 12 best water filters for washing TOP 12 best water filters for washing


TOP 12 best water filters for washing TOP 12 best water filters for washing TOP 12 best water filters for washing TOP 12 best water filters for washing TOP 12 best water filters for washing TOP 12 best water filters for washing

  • The highest degree of water purification;
  • Large installation resource — 1000,000 liters;
  • Replacement cartridges are sold in any store;
  • Electronic control of all parameters of purification, salinity and ionization of water.


  • Not detected.

Icarus (mod.01оs) Sink filter

In conclusion, a useful video

As can be seen from the review, most stationary water filters are very similar in their design and functions, however, some are better cleaned from mechanical impurities, while others eliminate chloride compounds. To purchase the most suitable products, it is advisable to pre-analyze tap water. As to whether you liked our review and whether it turned out to be useful for you, you can comment on this article.


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